Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Koho Tatsumura Corp. (hereafter, referred to as “our company,”) understands the concern about how personal information of visitors to this site is used and shared. We appreciate that we have been entrusted to do so carefully and sensibly. Our company strives to respect and protect the privacy of such website visitors. The following notice describes our Privacy Policy.

Definition of Personal Information
Personal information is defined as that which is used to specifically identity an individual, including name, date of birth, gender, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Collecting and Use of Personal Information
This company will collect and use personal information, only for the purposes mentioned below. Voluntarily provided information by customers will be collected and used according to this company’s policy, within the limits of what the customer permits.
・Information necessary for completing sales and delivery related transactions of items ordered from our company.
・Information required for providing notification of new sales items, and other information deemed beneficial to the customer.
・Inquiries and confirmations from this company as a necessary part of normal business practices, as well as questionnaires for improving customer service.
・Responses to various inquires from web-site visitors.

Third party sharing of Personal Information
Our company will never disclose personal information to a third party without prior agreement from web-site visitors, , without valid reason based upon the law.

Monitoring of Contracted Agent
In order to efficiently provide products or service to our customers, this company may give some limited personal information to a contracted agent. In such case, we will take pre-cautions to insure that said agent will properly handle personal information involved.

Supervision of Information
For safety purposes, our company has assigned a privacy officer to prevent the leaking of private information, and to insure that all personal information entrusted to us remains current and accurate.

Clarifying, Amending and Deleting Information.
Personal information given to this company by a visitor to our website will be amended or deleted upon request by said visitor.

Regarding Security
Information given for purchase transactions made from the shopping cart of our on-line store is securely protected by a maximum SSL level of 128 bits, as well as by PGP encrypted mail. Furthermore, personal information is monitored with a live, 24-hour IDC watch.