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Inland Sea of Seto

Inland Sea of Seto
Inland Sea of Seto

  This design is based on the kashu- nami, the wave design on some hand- made washi paper imprinted with mica powder.  This paper was used particularly for writing poems by the aristocratics of the Heian period. The combination of the refined, elegant, flowing lines of the waves and the poetry written in the beautiful style of kana letters is really an important ingredient of Japanese culture.

     Once when I was cruising in the Inland Sea of Seto, conforming my movements to those of the sea, and watching the ever-changing colors of light dancing on the wavelets, I felt myself lured into an ecstatic state like the poets during the Heian period.  In accord with the rhythm of the movement of the hand- loom, I wanted to express such an intense poetic impression in this textile. 

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